Ala Passtel


  1. Awesome pair of naturals. Cute enough face. Why her bangs bother me so much I have no idea. Put her in a bikini with a bag on her head and 75% of guys might not notice the bag at all, so I'm not sure why her bangs distract me so much.

    Anyway...great tits.

  2. Hey Anonymous Look us up of Facebook [Huge Boobs Only -HBO] I think this chix name is Karin Spolnikova but they often have more than one aKa huh? Thanx

    I have a format and would like another Admin maybe with the same passion as I = Huge Gorgeous Boobs. I've compiled a great list of Big Un's @ HBO! hit me up. I hate bangs too LoL

  3. Hey Scott -- I just saw your message and checked out your page. I'll check it out more when I have a bit more time.

    I recognized Sarah Nicola Randall as the woman in your cover picture even though I couldn't see her face until I clicked on it.

    Yeah, I'm a breast man.

  4. Tall, slim. nice legs, tight butt, beautiful green eyes, pretty face and breasts that can turn a gay man strait. This woman is a goddess!
    but the first post is correct, change the hair style